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Welcome to Frontier!

We have had Rottweilers in our New Hampshire home since 1985 and can't imagine life without at least one of these lovely dogs. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and find it interesting and helpful.

    Our breeding goals are to produce dogs that are as close to our view of Rottweiler perfection as possible; Dogs that fit the AKC breed standard, have pedigrees that were given much thought, are highly intelligent, highly trainable, family safe, as well as having sound and healthy minds and bodies.

    Additionally we feel that a proper Rottweiler should be able to compete in a working venue (s) that the individual dog shows an aptitude for (Sch, Obed, Rally, Herding, Tracking, Agility) with success, be a good citizen in public, be a good family member, scare off unwelcome intruders, not be so wired and crazed that they need to be kennel dogs nor so dull that you can't get them out of the house. They should be highly intelligent and easily trained. You should not have to beat your head against the wall while training. If this is not your view of a “Proper” Rottweiler, than one of our dogs is not for you!

    Our personal goals are to educate people about the special needs, requirements, characteristics and personalities of Rottweilers,as the breed is not suitable for everyone or every circumstance and educated buyers make better owners!

Thank you for visiting us!
This web site is dedicated to the first loves of my life,
My brother and My first Rottweiler,

Dennis E. Brown    Magic
Dennis E. Brown
8/25/67 - 3/15/88 
Cherich's Annie's "Magic"
 12/2/84 - 5/15/93

And my closest soul-mates now gone:

Darla, Bea, Bonnie , Annie and Itsy



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Past and present

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about; JLPP; SAS; Embark; choosing a breeder;
long coat; wire coat; red coat;purr/grumble;

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Darla ButtonBearded Rottweilers
Beards, Wire coat, Furnishing test

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Color history, red and other "off" colors"

Darla ButtonJLPP, LEMP, NAD
Inherited neurological diseases

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SAS in Rottweilers

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Transitional Cell Carcinoma
our TCC journey with Angelica

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Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia
Our AIHA journey with Bonnie

Darla Button       Titer Project

our multi breed project tracking Distemper/ Parvovirus titers in our dogs

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Kennel Story
History, Health stats,
Insurance, etc

Breeding Info
Interest in breeding dogs?
Written by Diane Richardson
Clicker Info
How to use clicker training method
Boarding Tips
Choosing a boarding kennel
Our breedings past and future
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Our Shiba Inu

Past dogs
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Bella's Page
dog art store


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