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Welcome to the Non Competitive Obedience Association

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The Non Competitive Obedience Association was formed to encourage advanced obedience and tracking training and to enable handlers to earn titles even when they cannot get to a traditional obedience trial or tracking test. NCO is a great "first step" and we strongly encourage participants to continue on to competition obedience and tracking in other venues!

NCO was created to give everyone the chance to train their dog to high levels of obedience and tracking and be able to earn titles.

No special gear or equipment is needed and we encourage everyone to think outside the formal obedience box and use objects from the environment as much as possible for things like obstacles, go out targets etc.

NCO titled dogs should be able to work in the real world in public.

MOST of all, we want you to HAVE FUN and explore possibilities!!!

Submissions for titles will be via You Tube video submission.
Performances are pass / fail determined by one of the Associations Guest judges which are composed of obedience and tracking judges from other organizations and experienced competitors.

NCO Titles are:
NCO-1  Beginner Level - May be filmed at home or a familiar area
NCO-2 Advanced Beginner Level - Must be filmed somewhere that is not at home
NCO-3 Intermediate Level - Must be filmed in a public place. Three passing submissions required.
NCO-4 Excellent Level - Must be filmed in a public place. Three passing submissions required, one of which must be outdoors.
NCO-5 Master Level - Must be filmed in a public place. Six passing submissions required, three of which must be outdoors.
NCO-T1 Beginner Tracking Dog
NCO-T2 Novice Tracking Dog
NCO-T3 Intermediate Tracking Dog
NCO-T4 Advanced Tracking Dog
NCO-T5 Excellent Tracking Dog
NCO-T6 Master Tracking Dog
NCO-OCT Optional City Tracking Dog (no prior titles needed)

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