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Frontier Komotion RE, CD-C, CGC (+ 1 CDSP CDx (CDX-C) leg)

Annie 3 1/2 years  4172012  111anniedumbbell

Wildlife Recovery Dog (retired)
Whelped: Sept 29, 2005

Died: May 29, 2015

GI Lymphoma

2010 American Rottweiler Club #24 Rally Advanced (out of 45) in three small trials

Click here for Annie's Memorial writeup

Annie's Last "track" 42 days into illness and the day before exploratory surgery and finding out we could not save her

"A Year with Annie" 2016 Rottweiler Calendar
"A Year with Annie" 2016 Rottweiler Calendar by Frontierrots

Annie's OFA page
OFA Hips RO-68495E24F-PI
OFA Elbows RO-EL6363F24-PI
OFA Cardiac RO-CA2889/19F/C-PI-ECHO
OFA Thyroid RO-TH370/12F-PI
CERF RO-5636

Cornell's Estimated Breeding Value
Hips -0.37  (breed average -0.04)
Elbows 0.02 (breed average 0.00)

Long Coat Clear
Wire Furnishings single gene (visibly slight-moderate)
click to view report       Click to read about wire furnishings

ARCH Cardiac certificate
(click to view report)

DNA Profiled

Lots more photos and title scores below pedigree

 Annie's gear made by:
Big Paw K9 - custom leather collars
  Annie's obedience/rally collar obediencecollarview #1 and obediencecollarview #2
  Annie's Barn Hunt leash barnhuntleash and Annie's conformation collar/lead set Conformationcollar

handcraft collars Handcraft Collars-VERY nice snap around martingales as well as snap around chokes
  Annie's around town collar snap around martingale

Fancy Nancy's - Great fabric and nylon collars Annie's buckle collar

Alpine Outfitters- Urban Trail custom fit Harness- GREAT for tracking Annie's work harness

Wolfpacks hiking gear and references for dogs Annie's work vest

Paw Scent Articles by Kit Systems  Picture of the set we bought


Frontier I Ask, Who's Next,  HICs, TT

OFA - RO60457G24M-T
Cardiac - RO-CA00675/21M/C-T CERF- RO4088
Elbows- (at 75 months) DJD 1 Unilateral Left, Right clear
DNA Profiled



Ch Loral's Buffalo Bill, TT 


BIS/BISS Select Ch Jade Hagen Kodiac,  CDX, HIC Gold Sire       

Ch von Brader's Eiger
RO11086 Gold Sire
Leibs Kraus von Baker, CD
RO10234 Bronze Dam
Ch von Whelan's Belaire of
Tobant, CD, CGC, RTD
Ch Tobant's Grant
RO26385G24M-T Gold Sire
AKC/SKC Ch Tobant's Honey
Bun v Whelan

V Rated 
Frontier Cache Creek Cadence,


Banta's Ransom v Merkur 

V-1 Merkur vom Bayernland, SchH 3, AD HD- Gekort biz Eza
Ch Windrift's Diane Desirea
Shadowhaus' Classic Starr Ch Concord's Justin Bear 
Ch Midnight Magic v Shadowhaus 

U-CD B Mine vd Frolikind zu Frontier, CD, RE, TD, CGC, TT

OFA Hips RO-65856G24F-PI
OFA Elbows RO-EL5140F24-PI
OFA Cardiac RO-CA1663/14F/C-PI
CERF RO-4878

2006 ARC #5 Rally Excellent & #11 Rally Advanced, Front & Finish #9 Rally Adv/Exc combined



V1 rated, Dutch CH. Ter Waele Posse, BH, IPO III, RST, E.S.Z. 7/15/1999
NHSB # 2.257.019
ED Frei
vWD clear
OFA RO-CA1483/51M/C-PI

Stephan von Kaisersteinbruch, Mil DH
HD Frei  

O-BJS'91 O-CH Filou von der Bleichstrasse, BH, AD, SchH 3 Gekort HD-
Yola von der Karl-Adolf-Ranch, Mil DH (Austria) HD-
Ter Waele Karma, AD, BH
ED Frei
Eyes Clear
Brando vom Hause Pronebner, SchH 3,
IPO 3, FH Gek. b EzA
Dutch CH Ter Waele Ducaat,
Froli vom Wahrener Eck, SchH 2, BH, AD, BST, OA, AXJ, VX
ARC 2002 #4 Novice Agility Jumpers, #7 Novice Agility Standard
ARC 2003 #8 Open Agility Jumpers, #9 Excellent Agility Jumpers
AKC#WP843481/01, ADRK#98100 12/3/1997, OFA RO-59197G24F-T, RO-EL3084-T, RO-CA493/17F/C-T, CERF German Import
INT/Lux/DT-VDH CH Dick vom Rhongeist SchH III, AD, BH, IPO III Gek. b. EzA
Pascha vom Hegestrauch, SchH 3, IPO III, FH, AD Gekort bis HD-
Asta vom Rhongeist, SchH 2, AD, BH
Gek. b. EzA
Alexa von der Zirbelnuss, SchH I , AD, BH, IPO 1, ZTP
INT/VDH-CH ES'89 Schwarz.S'90 Nemo vom Hegnenbacher Landl, SchH 3, FH, AD, BH, IPO 3 Gek. b. HD-
Bea vom Herzogsweg, SchH I, AD, BH,




AKC Rally Novice
in 3 straight trials

 6 1/2 months old, score 94

 6 3/4 months old, score 93

 9 months old, score 75
(first huge trial-42 in class)

     BOS/BBBE 2 Years

AKC Rally Advanced
 These 3 trials are our first trials after a 4 year absence from the ring!

in 3 straight trials
91 3rd place, 

90 1st place  (photo with friends Jaime & Pieka who also earned a 1st in Rally Novice B same day)

96 2nd place (17 in class)

AKC Rally Excellent in 3 straight trials

Annie RE
Scores: 96 3rd place,  84 1st place,  98 1st  place

Annie CCNH RE action

CDSP Novice Obedience (CD-C)
Earned at 9 1/2 years old!
Scores: 193, 193, 198 first place
anniecdsp anniecd-d3115

CDSP Open Obedience (CDX-C)
First leg 3/1/15 9 1/2 years old
Score: 188 1/2 4th place

Annie on a practice Blood Tracking/ Wildlife Recovery Track Oct 2014




 1 day old                                                   3 1/2 weeks old



4 weeks old                                                               5 Weeks old 



6 weeks old                                                                    7 weeks old 


8 Weeks old

Annie   Annie

  9 Weeks old

Annie   Annie

 10 Weeks old

11 Weeks old


Bea & Annie


Bea & Annie

     Christmas 2005



16 Weeks                                            6.5 Months


26 months old                                             3 1/2 years

annie 610      annie xmas2010
Ready to Work                                                                 June 2010                                                                     Christmas 2010

Memorial To Annie

    The pathology report is here, I have my answers, I did the right thing, there was NO WAY to save Annie. None

    I have my signs from her that she is good with me

    I am still horrifically sad, I still cry all the time but it is more peaceful with answers and signs.

    Annie was born into my hands out of my favorite dog EVER, Bea's, body. I knew Annie was "the one" from birth. She has slept with me every single night since she was 4 weeks old. Bea helped me train Annie, and Annie earned her Rally Novice title in 3 trials with the first being at just 6 months old.

    When we lost Bea to osteo, Annie was just a bit over 2 years old. Annie and I battled our grief together AND together we raised the litter of siblings Bea left behind. Annie then became a working Wildlife Recovery/blood tracking dog- her FAVORITE job on Earth.

    A 4 year break in training and trials and Annie came right back out and earned her RA and RE in 3 trials each, and we then comforted each other through the grief of losing Bonnie at just 2 1/2 years old (Bonnie was Annie's favorite from the litter)

    Another big break and Annie came back out and earned her CD-C title in 3 trials and earned a CDX-C leg too. Annie was working the best she had ever worked as we trained our hearts out to do better those next two CDX-C legs. We had truly finally become the team that Bea and I used to be.......... and then she got sick. 43 long long days and then Annie was gone in a flash

    This photo is one of my favorite photos ever,
Annie CCNH RE action taken by Karen Hocker Photographyat The Collie Club of NH trial March 18, 2011 where we earned Annie's first Rally Excellent leg with a 3rd place. This photo is what Annie and I were, a team. We were NOT always a team. We battled the "You are NOT Bea" problem for awhile, but we BECAME a team!

    Someday Annie, Bonnie, Bea and I will be a team again, an UNBEATABLE team

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