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Here Are Some Links That I Think You Will Enjoy

Rottweiler Links

Frontier’s Blog
When is a grumble not a growl?
Rottweiler Teeth- dentition diagrams
Jacraila Rottweilers in Scotland
American Rottweiler Club
Long Coat DNA Test
 Ter Waele Rottweilers in the Netherlands
The Rottweiler Health Foundation

Rescue Links

North East Rottweiler Rescue
Shiba Rescue site
AKC Rescue Network
Homeless pets online


Shiba Inu Links

Official Shiba Inu Homepage
National Shiba Club of America
Paw Shiba Sports
Paw Nozomi Shibas


Training Links

PawDenise Fenzi Seminars - OUTSTANDING!
Paw Working Class Canine- Dog Training in NH
Ian Dunbar' Dog Star Daily- TONS of downloads and articles
Frontier’s Blog
Wounded game Finding Dogs
United Blood Trackers
Gary Wilkes-Clickstart lots of helpful articles
A wolf trains cubs
Paw Training Tips
Paw Antler Dogs
WCC banner

Puppy Culture

Books, Supplies and Other Dog Links

KPCT's extensive selection of books covers a wide variety of species and training topics, all chosen for their superior information and advice.


dog athlete

From training kits to target sticks and treat pouches, KPCT carries the tools you need to become a great trainer, all at great prices.

Microchip ID Systems - where we buy our microchips
Fancy Nancy's - Great fabric and nylon collars
Big Paw K9 - fabulous custom leather collars
Click here for a picture of the collars we bought from them obediencecollarview #1 and obediencecollarview #2
and also Conformationmartingale/leadsetview#1 and Conformationmartingalecollar/leadsetview#2
handcraft collars Handcraft Collars-VERY nice snap around martingales as well as snap around chokes
Click here for a picture of the snap around martingale we bought from them
Working Class Canine Tracking Gear and Books Page
AKC-CAR The best microchip registry in the U.S. (ANY brand chip or tattoo!)
Wolfpacks hiking gear and references for dogs
Alpine Outfitters- Urban Trail custom fit Harness- GREAT for tracking
Paw Scent Articles by Kit Systems  Picture of the set we bought
PawCrate Covers for wire crates
PawLupine Collars - NH made
Dog . Com
Valley Vet Supply Catalog
Amazon Books
Dogwise books
American Kennel Club
Gear for the outdoor dog
Dog Scouts of America
Paw Pet Edge Pet Supplies
Paw Hyper Dog Tennis Ball Sling Shot
Paw Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club Backpacking titles
PawWilczek Woodworks- Dog carts

  KPCT's training kits are a great way to learn the basics of clicker training.

Food Links

PawDog Food Ratings
Paw Bravo raw Diet
PawNatura Pet Food - Innova, EVO, California Natural & Healthwise
Victory Raw Dog Food
Acana Dog Food
Nature's Logic pet food
Oma's Pride frozen pet food
Darwin's Natural Pet Products

Health Links

Bonnie's Story: Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia partially and Haemobartonella canis (aka Mycoplasma haemocanis)
Angelica's story: Transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) bladder cancer
Darla's story: Sub Aortic Stenosis
Parvaid, Vibactra and other helpful herbal remedies
U.S. Maps of Lyme, E.canis and heartworm
B-Naturals HomePage
Elbow Disorders In Mastiffs and other breeds
Sub Aortic Stenosis In The BullMastiff
Osteosarcoma- bone cancer
Osteosarcoma- the nemesis of large breed dogs
Bone Cancer Dogs Website
Der hip dysplasia
What Everyone Needs to Know About Canine Vaccines and Vaccination Programs
Lyme Disease
Duration of immunity to Canine Vaccines
Dr.Wendell O'Belfield
Breeding Medical Info
CERF Homepage
acvimarch ACVIM Animal Registry of Certified Health (cardiac registry of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Foundation)
Cruciate (knee) Ligaments
Vaccinations..Needed or Not?
Unilateral Hip Dysplasia (1 hip only affected)
Working Dogs site - Breeding, Training, Health
Paw Finding a Board Certified Veterinarian (Cardiologist, etc...)
Paw Using Interceptor at the LOWER Safeheart dose for JUST HW prevention-not intestinal worms


Non Dog Links

Scottish Highlands Photos
Spruce Cone Cabins in Pittsburg, NH (it says condo sales- but they rent rooms/cabins too)
Paw Yeti Sports Games
Paw NH Shed Hunters Club (people who search for shed deer/moose antlers)
Paw NH Shed Hunter's Blog
Paw Rob Richardson Art & Shed Antler Gallery


Kennel Story


Available Dogs

Breeding Info

Clicker Info

Boarding Tips


Fun Page






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