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Specializing in Wildlife, Outdoor Landscapes and Aquatic Art

For pencil Dog Portraits click here, to go to Diane's, "Dog's By Diane" page

Commissioned Paintings, Drawings, Logos and Tattoo Sketches
 I am not accepting very much commission work at this time.
If you have a project in mind please email me and ask about it though

Commissioned Acrylic Paintings- Deer and Moose Only
Commissions start at $350.00 and range upwards. Price will vary according to actual size of the painting canvas and complexity of the subject. Painting commissions CAN take up to 1 year to complete.
A commercial use release for any painting is at extra cost and are individually negotiated.

Acrylic Paintings (non Commissioned)
Small sized paintings start at $250.00 and go up, according to size and complexity
Contact me to inquire about anything you see in the gallery (it MIGHT be for sale) or to see what I am working on

Framing is available at cost, through an online service, or you can have it done yourself locally to better enable YOU to choose the frame that suits YOUR home and taste.

ALL prices subject to change at the artist's discretion.

ALL commissioned artwork will be the artist's interpretation of the subject matter.

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