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Standing guard
2014 NHSC Raffle painting
Moose skull
"Standing Guard"
Available as a Giclee print
halfhourbeforehalfafter skull-spotpainting
"1/2 Hour before, 1/2 Hour After"
Whitetail Bowhunting Acrylic Painting
2013 NHSHC Raffle painting
Deer skull & Spotted salamander
"From Death Comes Life"
deer sketches shed painting
Drawings of hunting trophies.
These are in progress examples
Acrylic Painting donated as a prize for the June 2010 NH Shed Hunter's Club
Antler Hunt/Club gathering
moose evander
Northern NH Moose Acrylic painting commission
"Evander" Whitetail buck Acrylic painting commission
brook trout 2013NHSHC
Sept 2010 National Hunting and Fishing
Day event in Concord, NH
Brook Trout acrylic painting donated as one of the raffle prizes for  to benefit the NH Wildlife Heritage Foundation
2013 NHSHC clothing logo
french bulldogs laker
French Bulldogs acrylic painting commission NH Lake Trout acrylic painting
nhshc deer nhshc moose
whitetailjump orca
Whitetail deer acrylic painting
In progress
Orca acrylic painting commission
shark shedpencil
Great White Shark acrylic painting
In Progress
Whitetail Deer shed antler pencil drawing
tcv tune
Rottweiler named "Tune" pencil drawing
Painting above:
Tracking Club of Vermont
2009 Benefit Painting
donated a custom painting for TCV to raffle

bill cartoon
Click to view larger
Rainbow Trout acrylic painting Star Lake Farm Meat package label
Pugs acrylic painting Commission
2012 NHSHC Raffle painting
acrylic moose shed & 2 chickadees
this is a photo from when first started it
gone wheelin whitetails
"Gone Wheelin' " comic strip for "Low Range" magazine.
"Big Sky Whitetails"
acrylic painting commission
winter deertat
"Welcome to January"
acrylic painting commission
Whitetail sample sketch for a tattoo

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