"Big Ten"

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Rob had been chasing this buck since he found a shed of his in 2005.
This was what appeared to be a single from a 2 1/2 year old

The base of one of the antlers had a very distinctive defect as well as antler conformation and thus it was
easy to track the antlers from year to year.

In 2006 Rob picked up a matched set from this same buck, then in 2007 another single.
This boy was putting on a lot of mass!

In 2008 Rob found the best set yet, a complete set with great mass.

Then in 2009, AFTER Rob had "just" shot a different buck, "Big Ten" came stomping out of the Hemlocks
hackles up, posturing and looking for trouble. Almost like he knew he was safe from Rob.

Rob did not find the 2009 antlers from this big guy (actually he never looked- being busy looking for moose antlers on a different property) *SEE ADDENDUM BELOW!!, although he did see him in the summer of 2010 while in
velvet but Rob saw no sign of "Big Ten" during deer season.

However, Mike Hannon saw him and took "Big Ten" for his very first Whitetail !

big ten down    bigtenandmike
Our estimate is that "Big Ten" was aprox 7 1/2 years old when Mike ended his reign as king of his domain.

In 2012 Rob revisited "Big Ten's" core area again for the FIRST time since the 2010 hunting season and not far from where Rob's 2010 tree stand had been setup, Rob found the left side of "Big Ten's" 2009/final sheds. This shed has the most mass of any of the sheds Rob already has for him. After 2 1/2 years it is well chewed up and still rough scores around 54" !!


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