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Wildlife Recovery
(also called wounded wildlife recovery, blood tracking, leashed tracking dog or blood trailing)

Annie    Annie recovery gear

Diane and Rob are licensed by the State of NH for Wildlife Recovery.
Click Here for Wildlife Recovery/Blood Tracking Details

There is no fee but donations are appreciated

Annie dumbbell     Bea

Taken on an "as I have availability" basis. Call to check
Rally, Obedience, Tracking. By private agreement

Puppy training is our specialty:
34 years experience. Servicing the Lake Sunapee NH area in person. Anywhere by phone or virtually
New PUPPY package:
two hour meeting to help you develop a game plan for household integration;
Training agenda for the first year.
One month unlimited telephone questions

Telephone/ Virtual Consultations

scroll down to see all types available!

 After years of performing telephone/virtual consultations privately we are now offering them to the public!
Phone/virtual consults are available M-F 11am - 4pm and Sat/Sun between Noon and 7pm

Email me at with a brief description of the problem or item that you wish to discuss and tell me how long of a consult you want as well as the days/times that will work best
(give me 3 options please).
I will send you a Paypal invoice and set up the appointment

a telephone consultation is NOT SUITABLE for human or animal aggression issues-
you need an experienced behaviorist one on one in person for those problems.

Phone consultation $40.00 per hour or portion of an hour

Pre Breeding consultations, by telephone or here in Unity is available to help you determine what tests you should be running, how to evaluate your dog and more
Basic whelping information is free.
If you wish to have extensive virtual whelping support and/or telephone support overnight

Pre breeding Consultations are $60.00 flat fee

Continued telephone or online support is $25.00  per hour or portion of an hour

To be "On call" for overnight telephone whelping support
  $10.00 per night PLUS $15.00 per 1/2 hour of actual telephone support time used

Are you buying, building or planning a boarding kennel or pet resort?
Do you have a kennel but need some help to make it run better?
Do you wish you had access to someone with experience to answer all of your questions about efficient design, management, forms, policy etc..?

 With 20 years of pet care industry experience and 17 years experience specifically in the pet boarding/ pet resort field, Diane Richardson can share her experience with you and help you avoid some common mis steps in boarding kennel management and design.

Telephone/Virtual consultations $40.00/hour or portion of an hour.

 6 months UNLIMITED email questions and assistance + 24 hours telephone/virtual consultation
$500.00 package price

ON SITE consults in some cases are also available for a privately negotiated fee.

This is an "over time" assistance plan to help you raise a litter or your new puppy to be the best they can be!

6 months unlimited email questions & assistance + 24 hours of telephone/virtual consultation
$500.00 package price

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