D's Birds & Bees Unity, NH

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NH NPIP #12-246

Our birds are NH state tested clean of Pullorum Typhoid and Avian Influenza
Our premises and birds are NH state inspected as well for cleanliness, good husbandry practices, egg handling, parasites, etc..
Passing these inspections and blood tests enable us to be NPIP certified


Beginning spring/summer 2017 we will have for sale:

 Farm Fresh eggs

Available from ice out til fall -egg deliveries by boat on Baptist Pond, Springfield, NH  ONLY



Occasionally available Heritage breed meat birds (Delaware or Delaware crosses)
from week old to slaughter ready ages
(we will not be selling meat or offering processing services)


A LIMITED number of Barnevelder, and Cream Leg Bar chicks and hatching eggs
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These Birds will be raised with optimal nutrition and absolute minimal medications and pesticides in their lives.

barneroo   barnevelder chicksbarne pullet
Barnevelders are a dual purpose medium to large chicken that lays brown eggs.
Our original Barnevelders come from Fossil Rock Farm in NY
Our Rooster is 100% Johan
Acterberg (Hidden Meadow Farm) lines and our hens are 100% Johan and  3/4 Johan / 1/4 Dutch Connection lines

Cream Legbars are a medium sized crested chicken that lay blue and green eggs.
Our original Cream Leg Bars come from Ferri Fresh Poultry in NH and Whisperun Farm in Texas and are GFF A,B,C lines

delpullet  delegg
Delawares are a dual purpose breed that lays brown and pink brown eggs.
Before the modern Cornish X birds became popular, Delaware were the most common market meat bird.
Our original  Delawares comes from Chickcharney Farm in NC.


We will have local honey available for sale.
Our own hives won't be ready for production this year but it will be honey from local hives that adhere to our beliefs.

Some other products we have available on a very limited seasonal basis are:

Ethically and sustainably harvested wild Chaga Mushroom

assorted vegetables which vary year to year.

Contact us for more information:

Diane & Rob Richardson
P.O. Box 160, Georges Mills, NH 03751

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