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Photographs Needed For Portrait Commissions

    The key to enabling me to create a portrait most like your pet is GREAT photographs!

When I work on portraits I blow the pictures WAY up to see minute details such as, how the fur grows near the eye corners, what your dog's flews look like and so forth. I also make several different versions of each photo: normal, light, super light and mega light again so that I can see important details like shading and fur pattern.
Without good, clear photos of good to great resolution I cannot do any of those things.

What I need from you, the client, is some nice to great quality photographs that are of good size.
I need at MINIMUM 4 photos and may ask you for more, or for closer photos of specific parts.
IF I ask for more photos PLEASE pay attention to the angle I need them from and the focus.

Prefer 8 X10 or larger and 150-300dpi
(I am on dialup internet so remember to email them to me INDIVIDUALLY or load them on a private webpage for me to download)

Smaller photos but still in the 150-300 dpi range can be used as reference for additional features (eye shape or marking pattern for example) but the primary 1-2 photographs need to meet my above criteria

Smaller photos, or photos of lower resolution MAY work for some details but also may not.

ALSO and of equal importance is the dog's pose. It should be flattering to the dog and I prefer to NOT draw tongue out dogs.

When you send me your pictures please keep the above in mind and I can send you an example by email of an almost perfect example of what I need.

Diane Richardson
Dogs By Diane

Below are two photos that LOOK perfect BUT are in fact too small and low in resolution to work with except as reference photos for certain large additional details


What Will My Portrait Look Like Upon Delivery?

Below is a photo of what your portrait will look like (matting varies according to your dog's colors) when you open the package.

The portrait is matted, has a back board and acrylic glass (see portrait info link for details about these) and the entire thing is wrapped in cellophane to keep everything together. be sure to keep the cellophane on until the framer is ready to install into a frame to minimize dust etc from getting behind the glass or mat scratches.

You will also get an email with detailed information about the drawing and the materials used and how to care for your portrait.