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    After seeing Diane's very first drawing in 2012, I knew I wanted her to draw our Bernese Mountain Dog, Dover. 
    After much back and forth debate, Diane agreed to give it a try. A scruffy berner from a fairly poor selection of photos was a challenge, I know. 
    Diane rose to the challenge and Dover now hangs in our living room, gracing us all with his vivid presence.  We could not be happier. It is a treasured drawing of a treasured dog who is no longer with us in body. But having his drawing - with which even a studio portrait could not compete -- touches our hearts daily. 
    Thank you, Diane, for bringing him back to our house and for the deep joy my partner, Tracey, gets every time she looks at the drawing.   
J. Suarez, Vermont, USA

Dear Diane,
    I was totally impressed with your first drawing that was on your website.  I decided then that I wanted to have family drawings done, and am very glad I did. 
    The first drawing I received was of my youngest girl, Ziva.  I was overwhelmed by the drawing that you sent via e-mail, it was absolutely beautiful.  Then the drawing came in the mail, and I was overwhelmed again at how much it captured the look and personality of my little girl, and how detailed it was.  It is magnificient. 
    Then the second drawing came of my boy, Plato, being equally wonderful.  You captured his gentle look perfectly. 
    The third drawing of my oldest girl, Harleigh, now 10.5 yrs of age made me cry.  She is the fair, gentle leader of the pack and you can see it in her face.  I do not know how you could do any better with the drawings. 
    I have my boy, Ra, to do yet and can't wait to see how it turns out.

    Thank you so much for the timeless treasures you have created,
S.Deal - I'Deal Rottweilers, Nebraska, USA
    I could not be happier with my experience with Dogs By Diane.
    From begining to end I was kept fully informed of progress, and I am truly amazed at how well the portrait captures my dogs personality.
    The delivered portrait, mat and acrylic "glass" were so well done, even my picture framer commented on it.
    I would recommend Diane to anybody without hesitation.
A.Wooley, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

    When I asked Diane to draw a portrait of our lemon and white beagle, James, I wondered if she was the right person to capture him.  I knew she did a great job with thw mastiff breeds, but could she capture the soft expression and delicate coloring of this gentle soul?  The answer is a resounding YES! 
    They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and it's his soul that she captured perfectly.  When I took the portrait to be framed, the gallery owned was so impressed with Diane's work that she asked me for her contact information, saying she had rarely seen sure exquisite detail.
    I will treasure this portrait!
C.Bazinet, New Hampshire, USA


    I have commissioned Diane to draw two of my beloved Rottweilers,each with very very different personalities.  Each drawing very much reflects those individual personalities. 
    I am so pleased with her work I can't really put it into words. (1, 2)
K. Fraser, Akamai Rottweilers, Alberta, Canada


    I was first introduced to Dogs by Diane through a friend who had commissioned Diane to draw one of her Rottweilers.  An amazing image of a beautiful girl. 
    This past July, my wonderful heart dog, Max, passed away.  Shortly after his passing, I came across one of Diane's drawings and immediately e-mailed Diane. 
    Luckily enough, Diane was able to put me and Max on the list.  Diane kept me updated on her progress throughout the drawing - only adding to our excitement to see the finished product.  And what Diane presented to us was incredible!!  She captured Max as he was, a loving soul whose eyes went right through me. 
    Max was my love and Diane's interpretation moves me to tears!!!  Thank you, Diane!!
D.Sampson, Alberta, Canada


Drawing #10 "Smile!" Rose was a gift from one owner to the other for Christmas. below is the comment I received.

    The most beautiful portrait of best dog ever. What a wonderful surprise, Diane!
K.Sheldon, Massachussetts, USA


An excerpt of the testimonial for my portrait of "^Billie^" (Titled "Gone Ahead")
This testimonial in full can be seen at
    "Diane has captured Billie's true essence of a kind, sweet and loving soul. Not only that, Diane has captured my heart through this incredible drawing, I feel like Billie is back here at home with us again"

J. Gunn, British Columbia, Canada